Training Team

Sit !! sit !! sit !!! for the love of god sit !!!

Down boy ! down !! no !! don’t chew on that !!! are you even listening ???
The first time that our pet enters our family and our hearts, we imagine things to be perfect. We imagine long walks in the park, playing fetch, going running or simply a pet that would be there to greet us after a long hard day at work. Or maybe we want a pet for more practical reasons; guarding the house, patrolling your factory or estate. Most novice dog owners expect this to become a reality as the dog matures, only to be disillusioned later on.

  • Does your dog pull on the leash while you walk him?
  • Overturned trash cans? Chewed charging cords?
  • Are you constantly fretting about the puppy destroying your house one scratch at a time?
  • He/she seems to ignore simple commands and appears moody?
  • Are u afraid that he might run out on the street when off leash?
  • Bad habits that simply won’t go away?
  • Are you going to sleep praying that u wont wake up to a house wrecked by a dog tornado?

Every dog is unique; every breed has its own characteristics. Like people even dogs have a distinct personality. We at team PETSET make the perfect dog a reality. Our methods are very humane and based on operant conditioning. We employ no harsh methods and have a strict NO CORPORAL PUNISHMENT policy.

We nurture and condition your pet to your specifications. Kiss your puppy problems goodbye!!

Petset Training Team

Hav. C. Singh (Rtd.)

Hav. Singh is an ex-army trainer from the remount and veterinary corps (RVC) A specialist in canine obedience, behavior correction and advance guard dog training. He has trained over 1500 dogs that have been deployed in several military establishments all over the country.

Kriti Trivedi

Trained under the mentorship of Capt. C.K Singh, Capt. Gulaab Singh and Dr. G.S Chaudhary (vet). Ms Trivedi specializes in obedience, special task training, correcting bad behavior and post injury/orthopedic disease physiotherapy for dogs. 7 years of experience and a 100% success rate with rehabilitation of canine aggression cases.

Subedar Devendar Singh (Rtd)

Subedar Singh is an ex-army canine unit trainer from the remount and veterinary corps (RVC). He has over 20 years of experience in training dogs from the bomb squad to border patrol. Subedar Singh was part of the first landmine detection canine unit, including 60 dogs and their handlers.

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